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not a resolution, but an intent

4 January 2010

i have lots of good intentions… i intend to eat right. i intend to be nicer to my husband. i intend to be a more private person. i intend to exercise regularly and i definitely intend to say no to that 3rd glass of wine. how often do i follow through?

not often enough.

i severely lack motivation. hell, i’m even to lazy to capitalize. i guess fear is supposed to motivate you or some desire for a greater good but I’m a simple woman and these factors don’t even play into my daily thoughts. I’m still trying to motivate myself into brush my teeth before bed. (gross, I know.)

at any rate, i’m going to try this here blogging thing out again. i’m not going to tell anyone about it because every time i open my mouth about something i intend to do, i promptly cease doing whatever that all important thing was.

so there you have it. the warm up…. now here’s today’s info.

i’m way fatter that i’d like to be. when i get naked (something i avoid at all costs), it looks like someone has spread a layer of land o’ lakes 2% cottage cheese over my stomach, butt and thighs. sex-say!

apply liberally to entire bodyi would like for this to change. not enough that i’ve regularly been doing something about it but, you know… i think about it a lot. and that has to count for something.

or maybe not.

so anyway, i was doing the whole Couch to 5K program for a while and actually keeping up with it. could have just been “Runnner’s”* high, but i actually felt like my body was starting to change, even just 5 weeks in. well, then it starting getting cold out and i’m a complete wuss.

so, i quit.

for a couple months i did nothing… then i started getting depressed again. the mirror was once again my worst enemy and those annoying, mean voices started up in my head again. time to do something, again.

about a month ago, i got a wild hair and signed up for my first 5K. my husband was kind enough to agree to do it with me and so, we did. i won’t go into the details of what makes the “winter waddle” hell on earth, but let’s just say that my time in this cross-country run though ankle-deep snow was a very unimpressive 51:04. (my husband’s was 36:33, show off) at least i got the first one out-of-the-way, right? and really, i can’t possibly do any WORSE with my time so there is that.

anywho, milestone one, accomplished. now what?

Enter, the bikini. A.K.A. The Ultimate Motivator

when your [thoughtful, sweet and generous] husband decides to give you the gift of a winter getaway to Cancun, the word bikini once again enters your daily internal dialogue (along with lots of swearing).

after the initial “squeeeeee!” some math happened (I have to wear a swimsuit in HOW many days???) and then some thinking about working out happened and THEN a mild panic set in. I can’t go to Cancun looking or feeling like this. what followed that thought? Thoughts of action, yes ACTION entered my head. (i was as amazed as you are.)

Then action actually happened! (No, really, it did!)

For Jesusmas, both my husband and my stepmom picked up a copy of The Omnivores Dilemma for me (read it!). Now, as much as I like reading about the things I didn’t know that I didn’t want to know about my food, I don’t need 2 copies of the same [hard to stomach] book. So, gift receipt and book in hand, I went to Borders to find some chic lit or trashy magazines to replace it with. And lo, I found myself in the health and fitness section. While trying to look like I wasn’t really looking at books in this section, I found “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises”.

(Guys, they make one for men too!)

I thumbed through it and was attracted to all the big, colorful, pretty pictures so I bought it. Over the next couple of days, I gazed at the perfectly toned models doing serious exercises and reading the simple to follow exercise explanations, all the while psyching myself up to working out. (there’s that intent again)

This past weekend, I spent part of each day mapping out my plan, photocopying some of the pages and digesting the info. I had also picked up a workout journal at the bookstore so on Sunday afternoon, I did something very frightening; I took my measurements.

So here are how things looked, Day 1:

(for reference, I’m 5 feet tall with a medium frame)
Weight: 133
Chest: 36″
Waist: 30.5″
Hips: 40.5″
Bicep: 11.25″
Thigh: 24″ (2 feet! my thigh is 2 feet around! egads!)

Holy depressing… But MOTIVATING!

Here is the workout I crafted for myself with the help of the book.


  • 4 minutes combined of the following:
    • arm circles
    • jumping jacks
    • head rolls
    • static quad stretch
    • static hamstring stretch
    • butt kicks

Strength Training:

Circuit 1

  • plank (hold for 30 seconds = 1 set)   3 sets

Circuit 2

  • single leg hip raise     8 reps per leg     3 sets
  • dumbell row w/ 3lbs  10 reps     3 sets  (this was too easy. will use 5lb weights next workout)

Circuit 3

  • swiss ball squat     10 reps     3 sets (this is a sissy squat but i wasn’t sure i could do a real squat. i’ll try them next workout)
  • modified push-up    8 reps     3 sets (again, sissy move. i’ll go for the real push-up next time)


Interval Training on treadmill

  • warmup
    • 4 minute easy walk
  • intervals (repeat for 4 sets)
    • 60 seconds at 60-75% max
    • 2 minutes at 3.5mph
  • cool down
    • 4 minute easy walk

I’d love to be able to tell you how many calories I burned but I appear to have misplaced the transmitter for my heart monitor ($&*#@&*!@&*!!!!!!!!!) and I might need to order a new one. I would guess it was around 350 to 400. The workout took me 55 minutes but I was a little slow since I kept referring to my handy-dandy cheat sheets. : ) Overall, it felt GREAT! Today I was even reminded that I had some muscles because some of them were sore. (What? Are those obliques I feel? Who knew I had obliques!)

So, I call Day 1 a success. And while I’m at it, I’m gonna call Day 2 a success too. Tonight is supposed to be a “rest” day but I did 40 minutes of yoga. (And thus was confirmed just how inflexible I am. Yahoo!)

Now let’s see if I can drag myself out of bed at 5:30am for Day 3.

– l i l y –

* i use the term runner VERY loosely. i’m still a wagger meaning i walk a little, i jog a little. but hey, at least i’m trying!

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