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i hate stephanie plum

26 November 2008
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okay, so i don’t really hate a fictional character dreamed up by janet evanovich but i DO envy stephanie’s impossible metabolism. she eats cake for breakfast lunch and dinner and then in about every other book she has a “muffin top” that disappears after 3 days of running. yeah right.

after reading book 11 in the stephanie plum series, where stephanie quits sugar cold turkey on a dare from her mother, i started thinking about my own at-work snacking.

see, i don’t consider myself a sweet eater. i don’t crave sweets. actually, i don’t really crave much, i just feel “hungry”. in reality, i think it’s just because i’m bored. i like to eat when i’ve got nothing to distract me. the bad part of this is that i’m bored A LOT, especially in the afternoon.

on monday, i ate like 3 sweet things in the afternoon. i always tell myself “just one ______” and then end up eating 2 or 3. tuesday i brought in some bars and apple crisp that were left over from a party lars and i hosted over the weekend. well, once the afternoon munchies/bordom struck, i had 2 1/2 bars, 2 teaspoon scoops of apple crisp, a sour cherry warhead AND a mini kit kat bar.

um, HELLO!!! no wonder you’re a chunky monkey lily!

so, insprired by stephanie plum, today i’ve avoided the sweets altogether. i think that once i allow myself 1 it’s just too easy to say “i’ll just have a tiny bit more”. those 2 1/2 bars i ate were all in 1/2 bar incriments. sad, eh?

things are going pretty good today. i ate my new “usual” breakfast, scrambled eggwhites with a pinch of cheddar and one slice of toast w/ butter. for lunch i had a salad. granted it wasn’t the best salad in the world for me but hey, strawberries, cashews and craisins are better than a burger and fries, right? (WORK WITH ME PEOPLE!)

of course as afternoon came, i got the munchies. i lifted the lid on my candy dish 3 times. i even picked up a piece of candy but then i thought to myself “stephanie is on a no sugar kick. you can do it too”. (i can’t believe i’m admitting to the world that i’m comparing my “diet” to a fictional character that eats bags of sugar for breakfast and never gains weight but meh, whatever works for ya, right?)

so i didn’t eat the candy. i had an apple instead. it was even tasty and sweet! (thanks katrina!) but about 45 minutes later, i felt hungry again. CURSES!!!

afternoon is the worst for me. i chug water like i’m stranded in the sahara and yet it does nothing to curb my appetite OR alleviate my bordom. so i ate some almonds and cashews.


at least it wasn’t the candy dish.

i feel pretty victorious today. we’ll see how i fare on the great american eat yourself sick holiday. even stephanie plum would probably have “return of the muffin top” come friday, right? ; )

.:: l i l y ::.

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  1. 26 November 2008 8:22 pm

    You go, girl. I’m fighting the same battle. I’m trying to get myself to walk in the afternoons. I feel better on the days that I do so.

    But yes, dear Stephanie can and does eat everything.

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