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who IS this girl?

married pescetarian who loves music, raspberry chocolate chip ice cream, Hiking, Camping, Climbing, Cooking something exotic that I’ve never made before, Reading, Seeing live music, Sushi, Thai, ethnic food of just about any kind ( I love to eat), Shoes, Theme Parties (sounds dorky, but lets be realistic, Halloween just doesn’t come around as often as it should). Hmmm, and beer, I definitely like beer…


Cool autumn days, cold winter nights, music, humor, kindness, lust, understanding, the color green, soft skin, afternoon naps, buying unexpected gifts, my sweet guitar, leaving love notes in my son’s lunchbox, lazy Sundays, art, gardening, walking and talking (all while chewing gum of course), debates… oh, and did i mention music?

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  1. michelle permalink
    14 February 2008 5:43 pm

    awe 🙂 love notes on P’s lunches…you rock

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