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27 May 2008

i feel pretty lucky. today i have been “officially” a mrs. for 2 weeks.




i find this even more amusing because my last post was mid-yahoo disaster. whodathunk? it’s been quite the whirlwind and to think that the mr. almost didn’t even get a third date. : )

honestly though, how many women’s brains work the way mine does? if a guy is nice, i just keep WAITING for him to turn into a colossal asshole. that’s what i thought would happen with lars. i mean NO ONE is really that nice, not really. right?

our first date was hilarious (to me anyway). i was MASSIVELY hungover and didn’t even shower before meeting up with him at gigi’s. i know how to make a fab first impression, don’t i? i’m fairly certain i was emitting a lovely vodka scent from most of my pores. i know, i’m classy. maybe that’s why he ended up asking me out again, he was in a drunken stupor by the end of our 3-hour brunch. eau de vodka redbull, gets them every time.

moving on…

i guess i felt i needed to try to make up for the ridiculous, scatterbrained mess i was at gigi’s (thank you again mr. jagbomb) so i accepted his gracious offer of another date just 2 days later. (i can’t believe asked me out again either.) he picked me up after work and we went to anemoni, a sushi restaurant attached to azia, on eat street. i had just received word that day that i had landed a job i had applied for and with it, a decent and much needed raise. needless to say, between that and the date with a hot foreigner with an accent, i was on cloud nine.

he ordered up some gin & tonics and edamame to get things rolling but asked if i would order the sushi. i gladly did because i’m a) i’m bossy and b) i’m a total snob about my fish. when the waiter returned, he was carrying champagne. score one for the lars. maybe.

as with our first encounter, the hours flew by as we showed our feathers and puffed our chests. sharing but holding back, teasing, testing the waters, trying to impress but not boast. it was fun but exhausting. apparently so exhausting that i made myself sick. as we picked at our mango and sweet rice and sipped our cappuccinos, i started to shiver and sweat all at once. lame.

gentleman that lars is, he took me home. i tried to deny him a kiss goodnight in the interest of preserving his health but he insisted. so, we smooched, but just a little.

over the course of the night and the next day, things just went to hell for me. chills followed fever and i was too weak to move really. so, i sat in my bed, buried in down blankets, wearing sexy, plaid, flannel pj bottoms and a hoodie pulled up over my head (of course) with my laptop open and lars on IM. i tried to not whine about how i felt but let it be known, i’m a wuss when i get sick. lars kept offering [threatening] to bring me food because i was too sick to get up and make myself something and i didn’t have much of an appetite. i kept asking him not to because um, HELLO! i looked like ass and felt like do-do but he did anyway. that crazy guy drove from eagan to minneapolis and showed up in my bedroom doorway with organic lentil soup and rice and veggies. i thought it was completely creepy, but deep down i thought it was really sweet. and creepy.

so, after more chatting and a big leap of faith on my part, we went out again. i guess that was really the beginning of the end. if you make it to a third date, there HAS to be something there, right?

several weeks and many euphoric dates later, we were cuddled up together and i asked him to tell me something in danish. a secret perhaps, something he would never, ever have to tell me in english. i just wanted to hear him say something in danish because i thought it would be sexy. he could have said

your breath smells like trash that has been baking in the august sun

and i would have thought it was sexy but he didn’t. he said something much more incredible but i didn’t know it. lars looked a me and thought for a moment and said,

Lige siden den foerste gang jeg saa dig vidste jeg at du var meget speciel
og siden den anden gang vi var ude sammen har jeg vaeret sikker paa at du var den rette, at du skulle blive min kone en dag. Jeg elsker dig og jeg ved at vi skal vaere sammen, bo sammen og ha’ boern sammen.
Du ved det maaske ikke endnu men vi skal giftes!

as the weeks passed, i hushed my internal cynic and opened my heart. as i did so, lars opened my eyes. he also opened all my doors and peppered our daily conversations with kind words. he anticipated my needs, listened to my complaints and wiped my tears. he welcomed my son in to his heart and instead of becoming jealous, he actually appreciated the close relationship i have with my son’s father.

he was patient. he was even-keeled. he was, in short, perfect. we spoke of marriage and kids and more or less hammered out all the details of the life we were building together. strange and soon but yet just right.

just shy of 3 months in, our engagement “officially” happened. it was backwards and non-traditional but such seems to be the norm for us. i’ve learned something in my life, sometimes there isn’t a “right way” and a “wrong way” of doing things. sometimes there is simply “my way” and “other people’s way”. meeting, getting engaged and then getting married (for the first time) in less than 4 months might seem crazy to some people but to many many others, it’s what people do when they “just know”. and apparently, we did.

to satisfy your curiousity, here is the secret revealed.

Ever since the first time I meet you I knew you were very special and ever since our second date I have been certain that you were the one and that you were going to be my wife one day. I love you and I know that we’re going to be together, live together and have children together. You may not know it yet but we are getting married!

and he was right.

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