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in defense of food is making me mad

14 January 2010

read me. please. for the love of bread, read me.

if you haven’t read this book, you should.

admittedly, i forget a large amount of what i read shortly after i’ve read it but i feel like the general ideas of this book are going to stick with me for life. people have often said processed foods are bad and if you can’t pronounce something on the label, you shouldn’t buy it. yeah yeah yeah… whatever. but no one ever bothered to explain why, at least not that i ever heard, so it went in one of my ears and out the other while i greedily piled canned cheese on a ritz cracker. mmmmm….

i’m sure part of it is that i’m older. i care more. i’m trying to lose weight and just feel better in general. so maybe in years past, there has been information readily available about processed foods but it just doesn’t seem that there was. well, now there is and now i’m reading it and more importantly caring about it.

Michael Pollan might live on a bit of a soapbox but the things he says make sense. when we foraged and hunted our food, we didn’t have the chronic disease we have today. and with the giant, all-controlling monster that is our healthcare industry, who is going to do anything to REALLY stop them? we get sicker, they make more drugs/treatments/specialists. who profits from that? not us. we just spend, spend, spend to try to band-aid our way to 90 years old.

i can’t believe that i couldn’t figure all this out on my own. that WE collectively couldn’t figure this out. processed foods are not good for you! added chemicals and preservatives are not good for you just because they are legal to put into food! and guess what? WE DON’T HAVE TO EAT THAT CRAP! and i don’t want to. not anymore. it’s not to say i’m never going to eat an oreo again or that i’m not going to give in to mcdonalds fries once in a while but 95% of the time, i’m not going to.

what michael pollan says, it just makes too much sense. i feel like he stripped away the fancy packaging of the food industry and tied it naked to a pole in the town square at high noon for us all to see if we are brave enough to look. how would i ever have been able to know, in 2 brief pages, what white flour really is and why it is so worthless to your body? i never would have understood that so simply.

yes, i know there are 2 sides to every story but really, it will be hard to argue with the facts he presents because it’s so logical.

i’ve been irritated for years by the food offered in my son’s schools. it’s TERRIBLE! chicken patties, hamburgers, fries, country friend “steak”… all of it mass-produced and full of unhealthy things other than actual FOOD. ug, i can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. and seriously, they give out candy at my son’s school as a reward for doing something good. it makes me want to throat punch people. who are YOU to make those kinds of decisions about what my kid eats? hell, even my kid is finally grossed out enough by what they serve at school that he packs his own lunch, a choice he made on his own.

not to mention what the industrialization of food has done to local and family farming… and those slaughterhouses? oh my god, gross. but that is a whole other can of worms (or other gross contaminants) all together.

i’m still in the beginning stages of acquiring knowledge about this topic but it already has me wondering if this is the path i’m to follow. i’ve never felt so passionate about a topic. probably partly because it hits so close to home with regards to obesity/weight gain… but part of me thinks it’s just because duping all of America just seems so wrong. we deserve better from our leaders and from each other.

i hate that money is so much more important that people, than our physical and mental health. doesn’t that seem wrong to you to?

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