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back to school

12 January 2010

school starts today, my second semester of college. why did it take me 15 years to go back to school? it’s embarrassing and shameful. everyone has told me throughout my adult years that i’m smart enough and i know that i am but i also know i’m terrified of failure and frankly, i’m not sure i believed that i deserved to go to college. sounds strange but if your upbringing was like mine was, it might make more sense.

my first semester was a good one. i took english and scored an A and photography which i scraped a B out of. i’m about 99% certain it was a gimme from my teacher. i turned in every assignment late which, for the last 3, automatically docked them a letter grade. that means if my work was perfect, the best i could have scored was a B on those assignments and as rad as i am, i know i wasn’t doing A work every single time. but hey, i’ll take it!

this semester i’m taking intro to sociology and intro to music which is an online class. the online class thing has me nervous. i already knew that time management was not my strong suit and that 1st semester photo class proved it. i hope i’m able to stay disciplined enough to stay on top of things because according to our instructor, LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. (and yes, to make the point clear she posted it in all caps and in bold. i get it, i think.)

anyway, wish me luck. first lecture starts in 30 minutes!

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